About Our Company

NeoCube Inc. DBA Winner Wireless, is a Texas-based corporation and a leading manufacturer of wireless accessories. Winner Wireless has served US customers for over 10 years with a simple philosophy, ”Provide customers with the latest fashionable phone covers, stylish cases, and reliable chargers.” Our strengths are measured in efficiency and turnaround time. We pride ourselves in our scalable overseas manufacturing company as well as in our in-house design team. Making our products, logistic and turnaround time extremely cost efficient.


We have just launched a new brand called “Crystal Couture”

Crystal Couture Cases are designed for the fashion forward individual. The person who believes fashion and durability are a top necessity. Innovative technology and cutting-edge material has been used to make these covers uniquely strong and long-lasting. Therefore, the rhinestones used in these cases will never fall off.  We pride ourselves in making durable products to satisfy our customers. Because our customers are our top priority.